TV Day


Everyone was pretty excited that the regional TV station SWR was coming to Bengel today to do a story on the factory and region. I am always happily surprised when I read tourist information and magazines that the Bengel Fabrik is prominently advertised. Never the less, there seem to be only a few people who come for a guided tour of this amazing pace each day.

Half the crew came a day early to scout the place. They deemed my actual working place too dark, and had me set up a faux workbench in the middle of the stamping/punching room.




Herr Wenzel is the tireless head of the Bengel foundation. He worked in cultural development for the region before retiring, and the Foundation is lucky to have his energies now. Here he tries to explain the stampling and cutting process in a pithy manner.



I was told my hair wasn’t looking too good, and also got a super-speedy makeover with some shared German make-up. 




I am not sure who the interviewer is, but I hope she is very famous in Germany. They were surprised that I was from America/Canada, and could speak German. They offered to do my interview in English, to be translated later, but I said I would do it all in German. It was pretty scary with many people around, but I glad I tried. I feel like I have spoken more German in my weeks in Idar-Oberstein, than my 5 years in Munich. I don’t think I will ever know what it means to be “fluent”, but it feels pretty good to be “fluid” in another language. You have to be willing to be wrong, and embarrassed all the time. Trying to weed the “Gruss Gott!” and “Schaut gut aus!“, from my vocabulary, as I have been told I have an American-Bavarian accent.






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